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Philippine SEO Company – What SEO Beginners Need to Learn From The Beginning

You need not be scared if you’re a neophyte in the world of search engine optimization. For all beginners anyway, there’s always a place to start from. And the best place to begin is, where else but, with the basic essentials!

Sure, professionals at the well known Philippine SEO Company have their respective fields of specialization. Nevertheless, here are things that every individual SEO practitioner regardless of whether he’s a novice or veteran, should learn.

As a practising SEO, perhaps, you may have already known these, yet, the following are totally important for you to understand since the sphere of optimization is so vast.

A Refresher In 3 Areas Newbies And Pros Alike Should Know

Pros and newbies as well, will benefit from getting a quick refresher in these SEO basics:

  1. SEO and User Experience (abbreviated as UX) Are Inseparable

The two always go together, and one is meaningless without the other. What intensifies user experience also intensifies SEO and vice versa. How true? Well, optimization is all about the delivery of the most relevant content to the right users.

Philippine SEO Company

In this case, what does ‘user experience’ really means? According to the World Wide Web, the term refers to the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of a system. It defines a person’s overall experience when making use of a product whether it’s a website, desktop software or computer application.

If you were the user, do you find interfacing easy, and do you enjoy using the app or navigating the site? If the answers to all these are a resounding YES, then you can say that the site or the application is a success. And optimization is very much an integral part of that success.

How does the “most relevant” content get to the “right users”, you may ask. Of course, there’s a need to create content and deliver an experience that meets those inherent requisites.

Oftentimes, experts in UX pay attention to elements that are typically visible to or felt by searchers such as layout, user interface, information architecture, and the like. On the contrary, SEO takes a somewhat different method, like not only emphasizing on what the user sees but also, on what the user wants. As a practitioner, you need to understand how the right searches can be gained from the right users so that you can likewise provide the best UX ever.

  1. Content is King

This may sound cliché, but, is still true today.  Take away content and SEO is useless, so both are very essential in acquiring a website that’s not only high-flying but, also a well-performing search optimized one. Besides, content is the thing that can get you more sales (read: the power of content marketing). Simply put, content brings you the money and SEO is all about the content. It is said that there’s no other way to SEO but through content.

  1. Inbound Links matter

Philippine SEO Company

It’s a fact that the giant search engine is highly dependent on links in order to rank websites. What it does is reward those with good links and penalize those with bad ones. Remember that sites ranking high in SERPs are categorized as having authority.

Nonetheless, it’s not just authority but other factors as well like trust, content quality, and so on, that get affected by links. To get links, of course, there’s linkbuilding although many oppose it as some links could be  distrustful and dangerous.

Why make your online business venture difficult when there’s a reputable company to ask help from? Outsourcing certain services can make things easy for you. If you’re in need of a Filipino virtual assistant aside from SEO, contact us today.