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Philippine SEO Company: Ongoing Rivalry Between Man & Machine – What’s More Powerful?

For a fact, robot movies are always a hit with fans even when these human-like machines wreck havoc on humanity. And don’t forget the robots that were invented to do easy household chores and simple office tasks. A true worldwide sensation – computerized machines that are adapting to human jobs!

Could this be a sign that robots are out to replace humanity as the world dwells further into the twenty-first century? Well, as for efficiency in following instructions, these machines could very well be relied upon. Yet, when it comes to quality content creation, no computerized robot could ever surpass the ingenuity of a content writer from a reputable Philippine SEO Company!

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The Continuing Battle Between Human And Machine

Artificial intelligence. That’s what experts contribute in the making of robots and they think that by doing so, such machines could outsmart human beings. True, people get smarter over time, thus, producing thinking machines that come close to being humans. Whatever the real motive behind, it cannot be denied that a genuine person will always be smarter. What’s more, man has a heart aside from his brains, and this is what makes him superior than a robot. He has emotional intelligence – a robot doesn’t.

Experts in the technology industry attempt to trace the beginnings of the rivalry between man and machine. Needless to say, there was a point in time when automated assembly lines began removing manufacturing assembly workers from their job. The reason was pretty obvious – cost-cutting and job efficiency (read: with machines less mistakes; fast turn-overs).

Yet, on the contrary, no organization or business can ever thrive with just the robots alone doing the dirty job. However, this digital era of ours today made sure that machines fit perfectly into a niche of its own. Even so, human workers will always feel threatened by robot replacement.

The Birth Of Google And Algorithm

What do you think is responsible for making a robot “think and execute orders”? What else but,  programming –  it works according to the written code. Without such, it’s impossible to see it in action. Well, for that reason, it’s fairly clear that machines can never take over human society.

But then, the giant search engine Google was born and so its search algorithm. Pretty soon, professionals will just be surprised that one day, the algorithm will learn and adapt (just as humans do) as they might be programmed to do so.

Philippine SEO Company

Machine Is No Match For Content Creators

In the future, some fields of discipline might be overtaken by robots for instance, those based in science, engineering and math. You need not worry if you’re a content writer because this field as experts deem, would remain largely unaffected.

For what machine can craft fresh quality and interesting articles that can attract its target market? What machine has the ability to give value to the prospective customers so they will not feel as if their time is being wasted? Well, only a human content creator does! He can generate ideas, a robot can’t and it can never simulate how the mind of a content writer works.

So, if you think that having a machine work for you is next to impossible, why not outsource the services of a proficient Filipino virtual assistant who’s a master in content writing? We can be of service to you.