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Philippine SEO Company: 4 Must Have Traits of Writers

Your business’ website is the greatest marketing tool you have in your possession. That’s why if it lacks certain factors, it won’t make a great impact in the eyes of your target audience. Why’s that? Probably because you’ve designed a poor website or maybe you aren’t updating it every now and then. In addition, the content of your site, which is the most important factor, may be poorly written as well.

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SEO specialists from Filipino Outsourcers, a Philippine SEO company, believe that content is the most essential part of every business website. If we compare content with the human body, it’d be like the spinal cord – without it everything will break down. So, who are the ones responsible for the content? Obviously, writers.

Now, how can a writer write high quality content that can compel audiences to read? Simple: they have to know the basics and have certain qualities a writer possesses within themselves. What are these qualities? Here are a few of them:


A high quality write up must compel readers to ask questions as they read the article. You know if an article is not interesting if you skip 30 seconds into it or skip to the next page and read another article. The writer must first think about the reader when they produce articles. Will it stir interest in the minds of the readers, or will it just stay unreadable for a long time?

As much as possible, make your content unique and compelling. Articles like that will guarantee readers of your article to ask bucket load of questions.


A writer has to engage in research all the time. In doing so, they are establishing credibility on their articles which can then be wellspring of trusted information. While it’s true that a writer may sometimes include their personal opinions; it should be set to a minimum. A factual write up beats an opinionated article every time.


A writer has to proofread their work before submitting them. They have to check if there were some flaws, either minor or major, and fix them. These flaws can be in the form of improper punctuation marks and misspelled words. Good writers are keen to look for their mistakes before passing their articles in order to make sure that the piece is 100% error free.


A great writer has to abide by the rule, “Deadline is deadline”. If they fail to follow that aspect, their credibility becomes tarnished. Therefore, it’s important to always submit on or before the time to avoid any complications.

Everything stated above is a must have quality for every writer. If they fail to have said qualities, then, they may not be the writer that you are looking for. A good writer should learn how to fully address the concerns of their audience, which should be a writer’s topmost priority.

For us at Filipino Outsourcers, you should know how to follow the basics. For your content needs, work with us today!